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Committee for an Inclusive University


The Committee for an Inclusive University advises and consults with the Senior Vice Provost for Academic and Multicultural Affairs on issues concerning reducing discrimination and promoting a more inclusive University.

Chair 2014-2015:
Robert Ortega, Social Work
2796 SSWB

Established by Senate Assembly according to Regents' Bylaw 4.06 External:
...The assembly may create other standing and special committees to assist it with its work....

Established by Senate Assembly: March 21, 1994

Purpose: To communicate regularly with and provide input from a faculty perspective to the Senate Assembly and SACUA.

Composition: Faculty representing a cross section of the Schools and Colleges, with representation from different races and ethnicities, both genders, and various ranks. Members serve for three-year staggered terms. Two to four students with equal numbers of graduate and undergraduate.

Procedures: Meets at least monthly during the academic year. Agenda and tasks generated by members, SACUA, the Vice Provost, and other faculty committees and groups.

Committee Charge