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Current Schedule

March 16, 2015
Monday, 3:15 pm
Great Lakes Room
Palmer Commons


3:15  Call to Order/Approval of Agenda and Minutes/ Announcements (contingent on quorum)

3:20  Election of Senate Secretary

3:35  One-Time Electronic Vote Resolution

Whereas, The Rules of the University Senate, the Senate Assembly and the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (hereafter, the Rules) require a quorum of the Senate to conduct certain business; and 

Whereas, A Senate quorum has proved difficult to achieve, thereby preventing necessary business from occurring; and 

Whereas, The Rules (Article 1, section 6, paragraph 2) ) provide that "A mail vote by Senate members on any issue on which the Senate is competent to act may be authorized at any Senate meeting by a majority vote of those voting;" therefore, be it 

Resolved, the Senate hereby authorizes a one-time vote of the Senate to be conducted electronically on amendment of the Rules as may be proposed by the Rules Committee and approved by SACUA and the Senate Assembly.

3:50  Matters arising

3:55  Adjournment



3:55 Call to Order/Approval of Agenda and Minutes

4:00  SACUA Election

4:30  SACUA Report on Office of Institutional Equity Procedures and Conduct

4:45  Status Report on the University's Proposed SPG on Temporary Removal of Faculty for Lack of Fitness for Duty

4:55  Unfinished Business

5:00  Adjournment