Senate Assembly Committees

Sec. 4.06. Senate Assembly Organization

The assembly shall establish standing committees to advise and consult with the vice presidents of the university on matters within the areas of their respective responsibilities. The number of persons on each committee and the terms of its members shall be determined by the assembly. The committee shall be nominated by SACUA.

The assembly may create other standing and special committees to assist it with its work. It may define the qualifications for membership of such committees, provide for the number of members thereof, provide how they are to be appointed and their terms of office, and define their duties and obligations. The assembly shall provide for the appointment of all committees created by the Senate, and except when otherwise provided by Senate action, such committees shall be considered as committees of the assembly.

Committees established in accordance with this section shall report to the assembly and to the Senate as directed by the assembly.

The officers of the assembly shall be the chair and the vice chair, chosen by SACUA from among the members of SACUA, and the secretary of the Senate, who shall also serve as secretary of the assembly.

Senate Assembly Committees are three (3) year terms.

University of Michigan Vice President Advisory Committees: (These committees advise the Vice Presidents in accordance with Regent Bylaw 4.06)

Academic Affairs Advisory Committee (AAAC) Provost
Communications and External Relations Advisory Committee (CERAC)  (VP Communications, VP Government Relations and VP of Development)
Financial Affairs Advisory Committee (FAAC) VP Business and Finance
General Counsel’s Advisory Committee (GCAC) VP and General Counsel
Information Technology Committee (ITC) VP IT and CIO
Medical Affairs Advisory Committee (MAAC) Executive VP Medical Affairs
Research Policies Committee (RPC) VP Research
Secretary of the University Advisory Committee (SAC) VP & Secretary of the University
Student Relations Advisory Committee (SRAC) VP of Student Life

Other Committees:

Administration Evaluation Committee (AEC)
Building, Facilities and Infrastructure (BFIC)
Committee on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights (CLCR)
Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty (CESF)
Committee for an Inclusive University (CIU)
Rules, Practices, and Policies (RPP)
Tenure, Promotions, and Professional Development Committee (TPP)

University Committees (These committees have SACUA nominated or appointed faculty representatives)

Advisory Board on Intercollegiate Athletics
Honorary Degree Committee
Military Officer Education Committee
Police Oversight Committee
Residency Appeal Committee
Advisory Committee for Recreational Sports (ACRS)

Archive Committees