Secretary of the University Advisory Committee (SAC)

Chair 2015-2016:
David Potter,
LSA-Classical Studies


Overview: The Secretary Advisory Committee advises and consults with the Vice President and Secretary of the University regarding policy and procedure issues related to the broad range of University activities.

Purpose: To advise and consult with the Secretary of the University on issues related to a broad range of activities including but not limited policy and procedures of the University.

Composition: Up to (12) faculty members, representing a cross-section of Schools/Colleges and Regional Campuses members, with attention to race, ethnicity, gender, and rank. Members serve a 3-year term. (1) SACUA liaison

Established December 13, 1999 by Senate Assembly according to Regents’ Bylaw 4.06

SAC Charge 2015-2016

Goncalo AbecasisPublic Healthgoncalo@umich.edu2015-2018
Sherle Abramson-BluhmUniversity Librarysherleab@umich.edu2014-2017
Robin ColemanLSArrmc@umich.edu2013-2016
Terri ConleyLSA/Women’s Studiesconleyt@umich.edu2014-2017
Simon EvansMedicine/Psychiatryevanssi@umich.edu2013-2016
Bruno GiordaniLSA/Medicinegiordani@umich.edu2015-2018
Silvana PapagerakisMedicinesilvanap@umich.edu2015-2018
David Potter (CHAIR) LSA/Classical Studiesdsp@umich.edu2015-2018
Malini RagjavamMedicine/Microbiology and Immunologymalinir@umich.edu2015-2018
Marie AngelesRackham Gradudate Student Repmarieang@umich.edu2016
Kelly WrightRackham Gradudate Student RepKjwri@umich.edu2016
Jon LinCSG Gradudate Student Repjtlin@umich.edu2016
Sarah BrennerCSG Gradudate Student Repscbrenn@umich.edu2016
David SchaferCSG Undergraduate Student Repschaferd@umich.edu2016
Jacob RubyCSG Undergraduate Student Reprubyjac@umich.edu2016


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