Student Relations Advisory Committee (SRAC)

David Potter, LSA-Classical Studies – Fall 2017

Gina Cerevetti – Winter 2018


2016-01-20 Amendment Proposal Language

Student Life – Information About Students

Overview: Advises and consults with the Vice President for Student Affairs and serves as a means of communication between the Assembly and the agencies of student government. 

Purpose: The committee shall carry out specific charges from SACUA and the Assembly in the area of student relations. The committee shall initiate discussions and explore topics which it feels are of concern in the broad area of student relations. It shall also examine current or proposed policies with reference to both immediate and long-range effects. The committee shall report to SACUA and the Assembly matters concerning which the Committee feels SACUA and the Assembly should be cognizant, and shall recommend appropriate actions by SACUA or the Assembly on such matters. The committee shall be available to the Vice President for Student Affairs for consultation.

Established by Senate Assembly according to Regents’ Bylaw 4.06

SRAC Charge

Academic Year 2016-2017

Academic Year 2014-2015

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Academic Year 1996-1997

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