Faculty Against Hate

SACUA Statement:

The Faculty stand with our students, staff, administration and broader Michigan community in deploring those who seek to inspire violence and division against and within our society. Acts that promote hate, prejudice, racism, bigotry and discrimination are reprehensible. Such acts can put our university and its members at risk, particularly if they are committed on campus.

  • Teach-Out:  Speech and Inclusion in Sports- April 2018
    This Teach-Out will examine the history and evolution in understanding the first amendment rights as they relate to sports. For updates, visit ai.umich.edu/teach-out.
  • Campus Inclusion and Free Expression:  A Conversation with Higher Education Leaders- April 10, Palmer Commons, Great Lakes Room, 5 p.m.
    This discussion will feature higher education leaders and others who have a stake in securing a path forward that honors free expression and inclusive campus communities. This conversation will focus on the challenges facing institutional leaders and how they have addressed the complexities of campus inclusion and freedom of expression.