Police Department Oversight Committee

The University of Michigan Police Department Oversight Committee is an oversight committee for the University of Michigan Police Department created under the authority of Act 120 of the Public Acts of 1990 of the State of Michigan.

The function of the Committee is to comply with Act 120 and consider grievances by persons against police officers or the Police Department. The Committee may prepare and make recommendations concerning such grievances to the Executive Director, Division of Public Safety and Security, including recommendations for disciplinary measures against a police officer who was found responsible for misconduct in office.

The six-member committee is comprised of two student members, two faculty members (one Senate faculty and one non-Senate faculty), and two staff members (one union and one non-union), who are nominated and elected by their peers for two-year terms.

Police Oversight Form

Current Committee Members

Student Members of the Committee:

Alan Nagel and Jacob Glinke

Staff Members of the Committee:

Linda Randolph and Matthew Schroeder

Faculty Members of the Committee:

Richard D. Friedman and David A. Moran