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Overview: The Faculty Perspectives Page Editorial Board solicits and compiles submissions, working in consultation with the editor of the University Record to determine the content of the Faculty Perspectives Page. The board encourages all faculty to submit articles and opinion pieces and strives to include submissions that reflect diverse perspectives on current issues of importance to the University community.

Not with my money you don’t: Obstacles to innovation in higher education
John B. Poster, UM-Dearborn
December 3, 2012
Is Faculty Diversity Dead?
G.R. Holland, Professor of Dentistry
April 6, 2009
Health Care Benefits
Robert Fraser, Assistant Director of Mardigan Library, Dearborn
March 2, 2009
A Faculty Member’s Rights in a Free University
Keith Yohn, Associate Professor of Dentistry
October 15, 2007
The Rule of Two: LSA Votes Today
Keith Riles, Professor of LSA Physics
February 5, 2007
Senate Assembly Resolution on Gender Identity
Bruce Frier, Professor of LSA Classics and Law
May 22, 2006
On the Question of Divestment from Israel/Palestine
David Skrbina, Lecturer in Philosophy, UM-Dearborn, and William Thomson, Emeritus Associate Professor of psychology, UM-Dearborn
October 31, 2005
Second Round of Faculty Evaluation of Administrators Begins Nov. 1
Administration Evaluation Committee, University Senate
October 24, 2005
Faculty Evaluation of Administrators
Richard Alfred, Professor, School of Education
November 1, 2004
Regents Extend Affirmative Action Policy to Graduation
Keith Yohn, Associate Professor, School of Dentistry
October 11, 2004
Improving Faculty Governance
Wilfred Kaplan, Emeritus Professor of LSA-Mathematics
September 20, 2004
University Raising Health Care Costs for Most Families and Retirees
Budget Study Committee
April 19, 2004
Madonna was Right: Why We Need Material Culture Studies
David Porter, Associate Professor, College of LSA, Comparative Literature, and English Language and Literature
April 5, 2004
Administrative Accountability
A. Galip Ulsoy
William Clay Ford Professor of Manufacturing
Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering
January 12, 2004
Before Bakke
Dr. Robert Green
Professor Emeritus, Internal Medicine and former Associate Dean of the Medical School
September 29, 2003
Malfeasance in Academe and Its Danger for Democracy
C. W. Kauffman, Professor, Engineering
April 7, 2003
Concerns about the New Prescription Drug Deal
UM Chapter of AAUP
February 10, 2003
What Powers Do Words Carry, and When?
Daniel Herwitz
Director, Institute for the Humanities and Mary Fair Croushore Professor of Humanities
November 4, 2002
A Fresh Assault on Free Expression
J. David Velleman, Professor, LSA
October 7, 2002
Professors’ Grading Protected by Free Speech
Keith Yohn, Associate Professor of Dentistry
April 1, 2002
Efficiency and the University Mission
American Association of University Professors – UM Chapter Executive Committee
March 18, 2002
Faculty Governance, Its Jurisdiction and Process
Thomas Dunn, Professor of LSA
October 8, 1997; Reprinted March 11, 2002
Prescription Drug Coverage: Who Gets the Benefit?
John Riebesell, Associate Professor, College of Arts, Sciences and Letters, Dearborn
December 3, 2001
What Does Academic Freedom Mean?
Keith Yohn, Associate Professor of Dentistry
March 5, 2001
Why the Faculty Needs the AAUP
UM Chapter of AAUP
October 9, 2000
Faculty Representation on the University of Michigan Senate Assembly
Ronald Lomax, Professor of Engineering
December 13, 1999
Compensation Policy Guidelines
Scott Masten, Professor of Business Administration
November 22, 1999
The Sarah Goddard Power Award
Aline Soules, Director Kresge Business Administration Library
October 18, 1999
Annual Report of the Faculty Chair to the Board of Regents
Bill Ensminger, Professor of Medicine
December 7, 1998.
Costs of Teaching Technology in Classrooms
Budget Study Committee
November 9, 1998
Effects of Ending Mandatory Retirement
Budget Study Committee
November 23, 1998
Faculty to Examine the Role of Research Universities in Undergraduate Education
John Lehman, Professor of Biology
October 21, 1998
Formal Faculty Grievance Avenues
Thomas E. Moore and Louis G. D’Alecy
October 14, 1998.
Non Tenure Track Faculty
Robert Green, Professor Emeritus of Medicine
September 30, 1998.
Is Academic Freedom Worth Fighting For?
Keith Yohn, Associate Professor of Dentistry
September 16, 1998.
The Unexamined Curriculum is Not Worth Teaching
Stuart McDougal, Professor LSA
May 6, 1998
Academic Tenure Benefits the University
Keith Yohn, Associate Professor of Dentistry
April 8, 1998
Principles of Faculty Governance
Academic Affairs Advisory Committee
April 22, 1998
Annual Report of the Faculty Chair to the Board of Regents
Lou D’Alecy, Professor of Medicine
December 10, 1997
Study Groups and Records
John Lehman, Professor of LSA
November 12, 1997
Faculty Staffing and Salaries
Bruce Oakley, Professor of LSA
November 5, 1997
Faculty Governance, Its Jurisdiction and Process
Thomas Dunn, Professor of LSA
October 8, 1997
Faculty Perspectives Page is Back
Prof. John T. Lehman, Chair, Faculty Perspectives Page Committee; Secretary to the Faculty Senate, Senate Assembly and SACUA
September 17,1997
The Budget Study Committee – A Three-Year Review
Elizabeth A. Duell, Chair of the Budget Study Committee
May 6,1997
Academic Values and Academic Misconduct
John T. Lehman, Department of Biology and Center for Great Lakes and Aquatic Sciences
April 1,1997
The Michigan Mandate: Up, Down or Sideways?
Thomas M. Dunn, Professor of Chemistry
February 25,1997
Academic Tenure in a Public Academe is a Property Right
L. Keith Yohn, Associate Professor of Dentistry
January 21, 1997
VCM and Campus Libraries
Richard M. Dougherty, Professor of Library Science
December 10, 1996
The New President and Faculty Governance
Wilfred Kaplan, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
November 5, 1996
The Vision Thing
J. David Velleman, Professor of Philosophy
October 22, 1996
Medical Center Structure and Leadership
Robert A. Green, Professor Emeritus of Medicine
September 24, 1996
Why an Emeritus Appointment is a Delight
Thomas M. Sawyer, Professor Emeritus of Engineering
July 1996
Lecturers – The University of Michigan’s Fastest Growing Faculty Group
AAUP- UM Chapter
April 16, 1996
Flights From Reality
Bruce Oakley, Professor LSA
March 12, 1996
And Now, The Managed Care ‘Revolution’ in the USA
Marilynn Rosenthal, Director, Program in Health Studies
February 13, 1996
Anchovies and the Lecturer
Louis D’Alecy,  Professor of Medicine
November 6, 1995
Westerly Trends in Jobs and Contracts
Bruce Oakley, Professor LSA
October 16 1995
Plans for Senate Assembly and Faculty Governance in the Year Ahead
George Brewer, Professor of Medicine
September 18 1995
Organizational Constraints and the Collegial Process
Jacqueline Zeff, Dean CAS, Flint Campus
June 19, 1995
Michigan Mandate: Promise and Progress
Ronald Lomax, Thomas Moore and Charles Smith
April 17 1995
Value Centered Management: Just Do It!
Gregory B. Markus, Professor of Political Science and Research Scientist, ISR
February 20, 1995
Ivory Towers
Thomas Landefeld, Associate Professor of Medicine
December 12, 1994


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