University Undergraduate Scholarship Committee


This is a brief report on the Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship (FUS), which has been created in 2007 using your donations and President Coleman’s matching funds, and an appeal for new contributions.

The goal FUS is to provide need-based support to outstanding UM applicants (from all three campuses). The awards are made by the FUS Committee, established by SACUA, using three criteria: financial needs, high school GPA, and essays submitted by the candidates invited to apply. The awards are renewable for up to four years ($3000 per year), provided a successful academic performance.

To-date two students have been supported: Lama Bandar (2008-2012) and David Thompson (2011-present). Lama graduated in 2012 (LSA) with the GPA 3.9 and is currently a first year student at the UM School of Dentistry. She is the first one in her family to attend a college. David is a sophomore in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, with the GPA 3.7. Clearly, both of them are a credit to the FUS program.

The reason why only two students have been supported so far is simple: our endowment ($119,961 as of Oct. 31, 2012), generates about $5000 per year, which is sufficient to support only one or two students per year. Therefore, the FUS Committee has decided to appeal to you, Members of the Faculty Senate, for additional donations. Please consider making your contributions, using either of the following three methods:

  1. Contributions through the following link:
    Giving link to UM Faculty Undergrad Scholarship Fund
  2. Personal check payable to: University of Michigan (Fund 571529) and mailed to:
    The University of Michigan
    Gift & Records Administration
    3003 S. State Street, Suite 8000
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1288.
  3. Monthly payroll deductions: See step-by-step instructions for setting up the deductions using Wolverine Access (the code of the fund to be entered on step nine is 571529).

The third of these methods, monthly deductions, may a bit cumbersome to set up, but may be the least “painful” one – even $10 per month would make a big difference.

With your support, we hope to substantially increase the number of fellowships to outstanding incoming students, making a real difference in their lives.

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