University Librarian Achievement Award

Eligibility: Any individual at the University of Michigan who holds a Primary Faculty appointment as Librarian, Archivist, or Curator.

Award: The recipient will be awarded $1,500 to commemorate the honor to be conferred at the annual Faculty Awards occasion.

Selection Criteria: Exceptional distinction reflected in active and innovative career achievements in library, archival or curatorial services. This may include:

  • Developing specialized services for faculty and students, improving access to information,
  • Efficiently managing library and archival resources (staff, space, funding, collections) or
  • Other activities reflecting a commitment to these professions.

Nomination Guidelines: Include in the nomination packet:

  • A statement of the nominee’s achievements in library, archival or curatorial activities.
  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • Letters of support from internal (U-M Library)
  • Letters of support from external sources (U-M Campus; excluding U-M Library.)
  • NOTE: No fewer than 3 letters of support should be from external sources.

Deadline: All nomination material should be submitted to The deadline for submission of the Awards Nomination is May 1, 2017.

The announcement of Award: The recipient of the University Librarian Achievement Award will be announced in early fall in coordination with the annual Faculty Awards occasion. For more information contact the Faculty Senate Office.

Past University Librarian Achievement Award Recipients

fraserrobert09a_12016Robert Fraser
2015Jane Blumenthal
2014Peggie Daub
l. alexander2013Laurie A. Alexander
Nerea Llamas2012Nerea Llamas
scott dennis2011Scott Dennis
doreen bradly2010Doreen Bradley
2009Timothy Richards
2008Traianos Gagos
2007Grace York
2005Rebecca Dunkle
2004Barbara MacAdam
2003Jean Loup