Distinguished Faculty Governance Award

Faculty members who consistently place University-wide interests on the same level as their personal career and departmental interests represent a scarce resource that all faculty members treasure. Their concern with the general welfare protects and nourishes our individual welfare. The kinds of corporate activities these University citizens take on give us a secure sense of collective conscience. Faculty governance is the arena in which these citizens serve, and it is faculty governance through the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs that recognizes their accomplishments with this award.

The Distinguished Faculty Governance Award of $1,500 was established by SACUA in 1986 and is funded by the Alumni Association. The criterion for the award is distinguished service to faculty governance over several years with an emphasis on university-wide service

Current SACUA members are ineligible, as are those members from the immediate past year. All members of the University Senate (assistant, associate, and full professors, research scientists, and librarians who are Senate Members) are eligible.

Please submit nomination materials with the faculty awards nomination form. The deadline for the 2023 award cycle is May 1, 2023.

  • A nomination letter outlining the faculty members’ work, participation, and contributions for Central Faculty Governance. (Required)
  • Nominee’s CV (Required)
  • Additional supporting statements (optional)

Note: Nominations that are not selected will be eligible for three years.

If you have any questions about the award or the nomination process, please contact the Faculty Senate Office at or at 734-764-0303. Thank you for your participation.

Neil Marsh and David Potter - 2022 Recipients

Neil Marsh, Professor of chemistry, LSA; and professor of biological chemistry, Medical School

Marsh has made important contributions to faculty governance at U-M, LSA and the Department of Chemistry. At the university level, Marsh chaired the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs from 2018-19, overseeing the work of the Faculty Senate Office and Senate Assembly and the committees reporting to it. At the college level, he served from 2009-12 as an elected member of the LSA Curriculum Committee, which provides faculty oversight of all aspects of the undergraduate curriculum. At the department level, Marsh served multiple terms on the Department of Chemistry Executive Committee. A member of the U-M faculty since 1995, Marsh served on the Academic Affairs Advisory Committee to the Provost from 2009-11. During this time, his work helped to shape policy on a range of important issues, including U-M’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiative and sexual misconduct prevention training for undergraduates. In addition to his normal business as chair, Marsh has made extensive efforts to communicate to the faculty at large the importance of faculty governance through his innovative newsletters and presentations.

David S. Potter, Francis W. Kelsey Collegiate Professor of Greek and Roman History, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, and professor of Greek and Latin, LSA

Potter is widely known for his exceptional commitment to central faculty governance at U-M. He began participating in central faculty governance when he was elected to the Senate Assembly during the 1990s. Subsequently, he served on the Academic Affairs Advisory Committee, a Senate Assembly committee that advises the provost and vice president for academic affairs. Potter was elected to the Senate Advisory Committee for University Affairs from 2006-09, including serving as chair in 2008-09. In 2015, he was elected Senate Secretary, a role he held until 2021. Potter’s most important recent contribution to faculty governance was his service as chair of the Senate Assembly Committee to Review the WilmerHale Report, together with his ongoing service as chair of the ad hoc SACUA Motion for Sexual Misconduct Policy Working Group. A member of the U-M faculty since 1986, Potter has worked to change the climate and policies surrounding sexual misconduct at U-M. He also was a member and chair of the Student Relations Advisory Committee as an unwavering advocate for the needs of students. In this role, Potter advanced major initiatives designed to improve the educational experience of all students.

The 2022 awardee information (above) was provided by the Office of University Development, as published in a University Record article.

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2000 — Thomas Dunn, Chemistry, LSA (Emeritus)

1999 — John T. Lehman, Biology, LSA

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1998 — Thomas E. Moore, Biology, LSA

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1996 — Theodore J. St. Antoine, Law

1995 — Gayle D. Ness, Sociology, LSA

1994 — Peggie J. Hollingsworth, Emeritus

1993 — Donald R. Brown, Psychology, LSA

1992 — Claude A. Eggertsen, Education (Emeritus)

1991 — Daniel E. Moerman, Anthropology, UM-Dearborn

1990 — Wilbert J. McKeachie, Psychology, LSA

1990 — William C. Stebbins, Medicine

1989 — Donald R. Deskins, Jr., Sociology, LSA

1988 — Cecil Nesbitt, Mathematics, LSA

1987 — Ralph A. Loomis, English, LSA

1986 — Janice B. Lindberg, Nursing

1986 — Wilfred Kaplan, Mathematics, LSA