Senate Assembly Committees

Senate Assembly committees are established by Senate Assembly as prescribed by Regents’ Bylaw 4.06. Senate Assembly committees provide an outlet for faculty to work with executive officers and other university stakeholders to discuss and address various issues and concerns. There are eleven standing committees that are advisory to executive officers, and six additional committees that Senate Assembly authorized to address specific topics of interest. Committees meet at least twice per term with the opportunity to advise and consult with executive officers regularly. Committee members serve three-year terms.

Who is eligible to join a committee?

Senate Assembly committees are primarily comprised of Faculty Senate members, but several committee member slots are also available for staff and students. Students must be appointed to serve on committees by Central Student Government.

How can I volunteer?

The Faculty Senate Office solicits volunteers to serve on Senate Assembly committees in March annually. Committee rosters are finalized by Senate Assembly in early fall, and committees start their work for the year soon after. To express your interest in participating, respond to a Faculty Senate request for volunteers, or contact the Faculty Senate Office directly.

We want to hear from you

Your input is important to us. If you have questions about Central Faculty Governance, about participating, or if you have questions or concerns about a specific topic, please contact us. The Faculty Senate Office will get back to you within twenty-four business hours.