Committee on Anti-Racism (CAR)

Committee Description

The Committee on Anti-Racism addresses the structural, procedural, cultural, and climate-related issues that contribute to systemic racism and racism experienced by faculty of color on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses.

We want to hear from you

The Committee on Anti-Racism (CAR) wants to hear from you. Please contact us if you wish to share or discuss any issues of relevance to our Committee, and particularly issues concerning systemic racism. Our Committee provides an outlet whereby faculty may discuss their experiences as we address issues as part of our regular meetings during the academic year. Faculty also have the option to submit issues or concerns anonymously for the Committee’s review and consideration. Please refer to the Resources below to access current formal university reporting structures and further information beyond the scope of the Committee.

Committee Leadership

Germine Awad

Germine Awad

Committee on Anti-Racism, Chair

Committee Members

  • Esther Launstein

    Undergraduate Student: LSA/English & Creative Writing

CAR Agendas, Minutes, and Other Materials


Online Resources:

Faculty Ombuds

Faculty Senate Office Resources – Faculty Grievance Procedures

Office of Institutional Equity Reporting Form

Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Reporting and Resources

Ethics, Integrity & Compliance

UM Data

This data helps to identify ways in which University and other institutional polices contribute to structural racism, and may be used to identify ways to change these policies to promote anti-racism.

2019 OBP Infographic

Campus Climate and Faculty Diversity at U-M: Three Critical Factors

Faculty Headcount Detail by Rank, Gender, and Race/Ethnicity

U-M Exit Interview Study 2019 Report

Selected Research


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Additional Resources

Anti-Asian Hate Resources

APALA and CALA condemn Against the Grain article (May 15, 2020), (The offending article from Against the Grain has been withdrawn.)

Disarming racism: students, staff and faculty lead multiple efforts to combat anti-Asian hate” (an article from the Michigan Daily, May 20, 2020)

The Wounds of Racism and the Pandemic of Anti-Asian Hatred” (a blog post by U-M professor Melissa Borjain the Anxious Bench)

Historical Background of Asian Americans

Asian Americans ( PBS documentary series aired in May 2020 and available online)

The creation of the term “Asian American”(an article from the Time, May 22, 2020)

 The Roots of Anti-Asian Racism  Al Jazeera Plus Youtube video; 2021

Miscellaneous Topics from Varying Media Sources:

appropriating culture from oppressed people.: In These Times, 2019. an article about powerful white people engaging in cultural appropriation. 10 minutes.

Color-Blindness is Counterproductive by Adia Harvey Wingfield;  The Atlantic. 2015,.

How White Supremacy, Racist Myths Fuel Anti-Asian Violence by Kim Eckhart and Misty Shock Rule. UW News, 2021 University of Washington news article.

I’m a Black Female Scientist. On My First Day of Work, a Colleague Threatened to Call the Cops on Me. – Mother Jones

 LEAD: Decentering Whiteness in the Academy View a LEAD Webinar from UM Rackham Graduate School: A panel discussion with leading scholars. 50 minutes

learning to listen  UM’s Intergroup Relations program. Review a one-page graphic

Let’s Stop the Scapegoating During a Global Pandemic:  ACLU. A commentary on how the U.S uses People of Color as scapegoats but we rarely see white citizens used to address the nation’s shortcomings.
The Meaning of July Fourth for The Negro,
PBS Detroit, Read and reflect on a speech from Frederick Douglass in 1855; 10 minutes


A Note To All My Fellow White Folks Trying To Get A Quick Anti-Racism Education
UpWorthy, (5 minutes)

Read a short article and watch the accompanying video of a Southern white man explaining why the term “white pride” is so problematic, UpWorthy 7 minutes

Red-Lining Has Been Outlawed for Nearly 50  Years.  How Come We Still Feel Its Impact?
Ray Levy-Uyeda; Apartment Therapy, 2020.

Tomorrow is Today, Listen to a short blog by Regina Cannon reflecting on race;  4 minutes

Miscellaneous Videos

400 Years Head Start” Tim Wise, Youtube video, 20 minutes

Deconstructing White Privilege” Robin DiAngelo, video, 20 minutes

The Disturbing History of the Suburbs  Adam Ruins Everything episode 7 minutes (humor)

A Trip to the Grocery Store” Cracking the Codes, told by Joy DeGruy Youtube video, 5 minutes