University Librarian Recognition Award

Eligibility: Any individual at the University of Michigan who holds a Primary Faculty appointment as Librarian, Archivist, or Curator, with no more than eight years’ practice in his or her profession.

Award: The recipient will be awarded $1,000 to commemorate the honor to be conferred at the annual Faculty Awards occasion.

Selection Criteria: Active and innovative early-career achievement in library, archival or curatorial services. This may include developing specialized services for faculty and students, improving access to information, or efficiently managing the library and archival resources (staff, space, funding, collections).

Please submit nomination materials with the librarian awards nomination form. The deadline for the 2023 award cycle is May 9, 2023.

  • A statement of the nominee’s achievements in library, archival or curatorial activities. (Required)
  • A current curriculum vitae. (Required)
  • Internal letters of support from within the nominee’s appointment unit (U-M Library or other) (Required)
  • External letters of support from outside the nominee’s appointment unit (Required). NOTE: No fewer than 3 letters of support should be from external sources. The external letters of support may be from within or from outside the University.

Note: Nominations that are not selected will be eligible for three years and automatically included in the pool of candidates for the next two award cycles.

Callum Carr - 2022 Award Recipient

Assistant archivist, UM-Flint Library

Carr is an assistant archivist at the Frances Willson Thompson Library, UM-Flint. Carr’s research focuses on the nexus of community memory and established history, and the role archives play. Their work provides access to historic materials through outreach, description and digital collections. Carr has successfully managed the collection by bringing it into the modern era, curating and preserving the new collections and managing the UM-Flint archives collections. Their work has been instrumental in digitizing all parts of the collection, managing the collection using ArchivesSpace and publishing finding aids online and making them searchable. During the pandemic, Carr began working with other librarians from the FWTL on a program titled “Archiving Pandemic and Protest.” The program focuses on the Flint community and their experiences and stories during the pandemic and the protests that have been occurring over the past couple of years. A member of the UM-Flint faculty since 2018, they have served on the board of directors of the Genesee County Historical Society and the Whaley Historical House Museum. Carr’s hard work has already had a huge impact on the FWTL, making it a more visible resource for the community and for the campus.

The 2022 awardee information (above) was provided by the Office of University Development, as published in a University Record article.

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