Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship

Senate Assembly approved the creation of the Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship on December 18, 2006.

Whereas the faculty governance recognizes need-based fellowships as an important tool for attracting students from low-income families to the University of Michigan;

Whereas the University announced a 50% matching fund program for all donations towards undergraduate need-based fellowships;

Therefore, the Senate Assembly resolves to actively support this program by encouraging faculty to contribute to a special account in support of these fellowships. The resulting fellowships will be allocated with the participation of the elected faculty governance and will be referred to as the UM Faculty Undergraduate Fellowships.

The Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship is facilitated by the University of Michigan Financial Aid Office. Students on all three UM campuses are eligible to apply and will be selected based on their need.

Purpose: The fund will be used to provide need-based scholarships for undergraduate students.

Funded: May 28, 2007

Donors: U-M Faculty from all three campuses

Our endowment generates about $5000 per year, which is sufficient to support only one or two students per year. The goal is to be able to support up to (4) undergraduate students a year. Therefore we appeal to you for additional donations! Together we can make a difference in these students’ lives. Please consider making your contributions, using either of the following three methods:

  1. Click below to donate!


  2. Personal check payable to: University of Michigan (Fund 571529) and mailed to:
    The University of Michigan
    Gift & Records Administration
    3003 S. State Street, Suite 8000
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1288.
  3. Monthly payroll deduction using Wolverine Access. The code of the fund to be entered is (571529).

With your support, we hope to substantially increase the number of fellowships to outstanding incoming students, making a real difference in their lives.

Clark Meston

Clark Meston

Majoring in Mathematics and Environmental Sciences

Thank you very much for your immense generosity through the scholarship award. At the institution, I plan on double majoring in mathematics and environmental science through LSA. Because of these additional funds, I will be able to focus on my academic pursuits while in college rather than focusing on how I will be paying my next tuition bill, and for that, I could not be more grateful. Please rest assured that these funds will be used with the utmost dignity and respect for the donors and the UM itself; wherever life takes me, I’ll know part of the reason I’m there is because of the scholarship and its fabulous donors. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities this money provides me with, and I’ll be sure to keep the university updated with what exactly I’m up to in the future. P.S. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time! I’m more than happy to speak with those who are making my educational dreams come true.

Jenna Diegel

Jenna Diegel

Junior College of Engineering

I am so grateful to have received this scholarship. This scholarship has opened many opportunities for me to experience things that may have otherwise been difficult financially. This summer I was able to study abroad and without the help of this scholarship I may not have been able to justify the extra expense. I will never be able to thank you enough for the generous donation that makes this scholarship possible.

Rebecca Seeger

Rebecca Seeger

Junior School of Kinesiology

I want to send a warm thank you to my donor. I think about this every year, but I wouldn’t be able to go to such  a prestigious school and follow my dreams without the help of people like you. College is expensive and the help I receive truly means the world to me. This is especially important now that I have aspirations of going to medical school. Trying to save as much as I can during undergrad has become the focus, and you play a big part in that. Again, thank you so much for allowing me to chase my dreams of becoming a doctor. I will always remember people like you who have had such a big impact on my college career.