Faculty Senate


Membership of the Faculty Senate consists of all members of the professorial staff, the executive officers of the university, the dean of each school or college, such members of the research and library staff as may be designated in accordance with standards and procedures approved by the Senate Assembly, and such other major officers as may be designated by the Board of Regents from time to time.

Emeritus Professors shall be regarded as members of the University instructional staff who have retired and, as such, are entitled to attend without vote, meetings of the Faculty Senate.

Research personnel who hold Primary Research rank (Assistant Research Scientist, Associate Research Scientist, Research Scientist, Senior Associate Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Distinguished Senior Research Scientist) and have a full-time appointment as a regular staff member shall be designated as members of the Faculty Senate.

Librarians of any rank who have full-time appointments as regular staff members shall be designated as members of the Faculty Senate.

Visiting, Adjunct, or Clinical Professors, acting or interim appointees to executive or Dean positions are not entitled to Senate membership in the absence of a regular professorial appointment. Directors of centers or institutes who do not hold professorial ranks are not entitled to Senate membership unless they qualify under the preceding paragraphs.

University Faculty Senate Rules 1997 (Updated 2009)