The inaugural Central Faculty Governance Spotlight for the month of
May is Professor Colleen Conway from the School of Music, Theater &
Dance. Effective May 1, Conway was elected to serve as the chair of
the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) for the
2020-2021 Senate Year.

Conway has been a faculty member at the University of Michigan since
2001, where she is a professor in the Music Education Department.
Before being elected as Chair of SACUA, Conway served two years as a
member of SACUA, and she served on several Senate Assembly committees,
including the Communications Advisory Committee, Administration
Evaluation Committee, and the Faculty Perspectives Editorial Board.

Reflecting on her experience in central faculty governance, Conway
noted that working with other SACUA members and with campus leaders
with thoughtful and varied perspectives has been enjoyable. Having
perspective changing conversations informed by deep expertise has been
particularly meaningful for Conway. In her new role as SACUA Chair, as
the university community navigates through times that promise to be
challenging, Conway will continue to prioritize the voice of faculty
governance through committees and meetings with executive officers,
Regents, and other key university stakeholders. She looks forward to
continuing to connect the work of SACUA, Senate Assembly and Senate
Assembly committees with decisions being made in university