The University of Michigan
University Senate
Senate Assembly
Resolution # 041723-2

WHEREAS it is universally acknowledged that the grant of lands by the Anishinaabeg (including Ojibwa, Odawa, and Bodewadimi) and the Wyandot Nation, along with many other indigenous nations – laid the foundation of the University of Michigan, as it exists today;

WHEREAS the treaty of Fort Meigs, expressed in letter and spirit, an understanding that their descendants will receive education at the University of Michigan, known previously as the college at Detroit, and later as the University of Michigania;

WHEREAS a plaque to commemorate the said grant of lands installed by the University of Michigan in 2002 is certainly a step forward, we feel that the plaque is inadequate as a memorial to honor the land gift that was a foundational step in the evolution of the University of Michigan;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate Assembly shall create a special committee:

  • The charges of the committee shall be (1) to pursue the creation by the University of Michigan of a memorial at a central location befitting the donation made by the native nations, and (2) to advocate that the University take steps to ensure representation of their descendants across the University of Michigan;
  • The Chair and members of that committee shall be appointed by SACUA, in consultation with the CAR, the Native American Studies program, and members of the appropriate Native American communities;
  • The special committee chair shall provide periodic updates to the chairs of CAR and SACUA.

Senate Assembly Approval: 4/17/2023

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