If you are serving on a Senate Assembly Committee – SAVE THE DATE – Annual Faculty Senate Committee Day Luncheon will be held on Sept. 20, 2016, from 12:00 – 1:30pm at the Michigan Union in the Pendelton Room.

U-M Senate Davis, Markert, Nickerson Lecture on Academic and Intellectual Freedom speaker announced.  Marc Rotenberg will be speaking at the 2016 lecture. Date and time of the lecture are still to be determined. More...

ITC Committee Report 2015-2016

You can still be a voice at the table by volunteering for a Senate Assembly committee. A list of committees can be found here. Please note that committees are populated over the summer and meetings will start in the fall of 2016.


STATEMENT of SUPPORT for U-M Muslim Community

In light of the recent wave of anti-Islamic rhetoric in public discourse, the University of Michigan’s Senate Assembly hereby affirms its support for the Muslim members of the University community. Our collective commitment to equity, inclusion, and mutual respect extends to all members of the community regardless of religious affiliation. We call on all members of the University of Michigan to unequivocally oppose and condemn all attempts to discriminate against, marginalize, or denigrate students, faculty, and staff on the basis of religious faith, national origin or ethnic belonging.

University of Michigan – Faculty Governance

Through its branches, it represents university faculty and provides a collective voice concerning educational policies and other matters of University-wide concern.

FACULTY SENATE -Membership of the Faculty Senate consists of all members of the professorial staff, the executive officers of the university, the dean of each school or college Research personnel who hold Primary Research rank (Assistant Research Scientist, Associate Research Scientist, Research Scientist, Senior Associate Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Distinguished Senior Research Scientist) and have a full-time appointment as a regular staff member shall be designated as members of the Faculty Senate. More here

SENATE ASSEMBLY– There shall be a Senate Assembly which shall consist of seventy-four senate members apportioned among the various schools and colleges according to the number of senate members in each school or college. More here.

SENATE ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS (SACUA) – is the executive arm of the University Senate and of the Senate Assembly. SACUA meets weekly and consists of nine members of the Senate Assembly elected by the Assembly for three-year terms. More here.

Coming Up

SACUA: Next Meeting June 27, 2016
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Senate Assembly Meeting September 19, 2016
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