The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) is the executive arm of the University Senate and of the Senate Assembly. SACUA meets weekly and consists of nine members of the Senate Assembly elected by the Assembly for three-year terms. On behalf of the Assembly, SACUA advises and consults with the President, Provost, and the Executive Officers of the University on matters of University policy. SACUA also coordinates and initiates governance activities and serves as an instrument for implementing the actions of the University Senate and the Senate Assembly.

The Chair of SACUA is also the Chair of the Senate Assembly. In addition to a responsibility as leader of the faculty, the Chair of SACUA also meets regularly with the Executive Officers and serves as the faculty representative in their deliberations.

Other SACUA Roles:

  • SACUA coordinates the Unit Ombuds program (10-D in the faculty handbook)
  • SACUA appoints Faculty Grievance Monitors (FGM’s) for Grievances and works in conjunction with Academic HR in the grievance process. (more information found on our resource page)
  • SACUA is responsible for hearing faculty complaints or grievances that do not fall under the established grievance process (10-H faculty handbook). The SACUA Faculty Hearing Committee (FHC) is comprised of three SACUA members from each class.
  • Under the provisions of Regents’ Bylaw 5.09, SACUA, together with the Tenure Committee exercises certain designated responsibilities in cases of dismissal, demotion, or terminal appointment of tenured members of the faculty.
  • SACUA members provide additional leadership for faculty governance activities and serve as liaisons with various Assembly Committees.

University Committees (These committees have SACUA nominated or appointed Faculty Senate representatives)

Advisory Board on Intercollegiate Athletics
Honorary Degree Committee
Military Officer Education Committee
Police Oversight Committee
Residency Appeal Committee
Advisory Committee for Recreational Sports (ACRS)
Library Council